Books and DVDs

We stock a range of books and DVDs that professionals or anyone with an interest in sclerotherapy may find useful. To see the full range of books available please download an order form from the Price lists and order forms page.


Books added recently:

Risk factors and vascular endothelium (Tousoulis & Stefanadis 2011)

Sclerotherapy 5th Edition (Goldman, Guex & Weiss 2011)

Sclerotherapy vein treatment (Weiss & Beasley)

Understanding venous reflux (Whiteley)

Varicose veins symptoms causes and treatments (Nelson)

Venous & lymphatic diseases (Dieter) 


Sclerotherapy DVDs

Foam Sclerotherapy - 2013
Prof. Andrew Bradbury & Mr Philip Coleridge-Smith

This DVD contains information on:

  • How to get the best results with foam sclerotherapy
  • Three patients are treated with foam
  • The consultation process
  • Injection sites
  • Making foam using the Tessari method
  • Applying a compression bandage
  • Applying a compression stocking
  • Post treatment advice to patients


Microsclerotherapy - Hints and Tips. Treating spider veins and thread veins with microsclerotherapy and compression.
Dr Steve Tristram

This DVD contains information on:

  • Microsclerotherapy in general
  • The consultation process
  • Patient positioning
  • Injection techniques
  • Applying a compression bandage
  • Applying a compression stocking
  • Post treatment advice to patients


Reversal of Valvular Incompetence in Superficial Veins of the Leg.
Animation designed by Prof. George Fegan

This DVD uses animation to show how the venous system of the lower leg functions. The animations shows how the calf pump and venous valves work along with the relationship between the deep and superficial veins. The DVD also shows how incompetent perforating veins can cause varicosities in the superficial leg veins and how obliteration of the incompetent perforator can restore valvular competence in the superficial veins.


Compression Sclerotherapy Training Sessions 1963 - 1995.
Archive interviews with Prof. George Fegan

This DVD contains interviews with Prof. George Fegan. The pioneer of modern sclerotherapy discusses his ideas on reflux, the causes of varicose veins and their treatment. The DVD also contains archive footage from the '60s and '93 where Prof. Fegan demonstrates patient assessment plus his injection and bandaging techniques.
Disclaimer: Please note that the DVDs are not intended as a replacement for training. We recommend anyone interested in learning how to do sclerotherapy should attend an accredited course or be taught by an experienced practitioner.