Bandages and pads

Peha-haft Cohesive Bandages

These light cohesive crepe latex free bandages are limited stretch and are ideal for post sclerotherapy compression. The Peha-haft bandages are lighter than most cohesive bandages making them flexible and comfortable. The cohesive bandages hold the compression pads in place and do not slip, thus maintaining compression of the treated vein.

  • Peha-haft 10cm x 20m (singles)


STD Compression Pads

Manufactured from synthetic rubber, these compression pads are designed for use under a limited stretch bandage to apply local eccentric compression over the treated vein. The shorter pads are suitable for reticular veins and smaller varices. The larger pads are suitable for use over the GSV tract post sclerotherapy, EVLT, VNUS or surgery.

  • 12cm x 4cm Pads (H) packs of 50
  • 13cm x 5.3cm Pads (G) packs of 40
  • 56cm x 5.3cm Pads (C) packs of 8


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