We now supply the SweatStop® range of antiperspirants, available from our online store SweatHelp. If you suffer from excessive sweating you should consider trying one of these products. They are formulated specifically to reduce sweating and be gentle to even the most sensitive skin.

Uniquely SweatStop® offer a range of products that vary in strength which means you can find a product to suit your individual needs. For example you might try the SweatStop® Sensitive Spray and find it is not effective in which case you can try the Forte Spray. Alternatively if you try the Forte Plus Spray and find it irritates your skin then you could try the Sensitive or Forte products.

Having products with four different strengths also means you can optimise the results for different areas of the body. For instance we have the Sensitive Spray and Lotion for the face but it wouldn't be effective for the hands or feet which need a stronger product, for these areas we have the Forte Max Spray.

As you can see the product range has been designed with the user in mind and there is a product to suit different areas of the body and your skin type. We recommend you start with the 'sensitive' spray or lotion for the face and 'Forte' strength for areas like the back and underarms. The 'Forte max' should only be used on the hands and feet.

For more information about SweatStop® products please visit our online store SweatHelp.